Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tracks for those sleepless nights

SINGER: EMI FUJITA ( 藤田惠美, born in May 151963) is a Japanese singer. She debuted as a singer with her husband Ryuji Fujita as the group Le Couple. Their very first album was released in 1994. Emi made her solo debut in 2001. Her series of camomile CDs are covers of popular western songsRembrandt Sky is her first original album, a collaboration with music producers Toshiyuki MoriSeiji Kameda and Yoshiyuki Sahashi.

1. Camomile (2001)
2. Camomile Blend (2003)
3. Rembrandt Sky (2005)
4. Camomile Classics (2006)
5. Camomile Best Audio (2007)


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